We supply a wide range of vitrified and resin wheels used on surface, cylindrical, tool and cutter grinders. We help you maximize your productivity by offering the latest-generation resin, ceramic alumina, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide – for every ferrous and nonferrous mro, small job shop, and production operation. We also provide polishing and grinding solutions with rubber and cork material wheels.

Norton Saint Gobain, CGW Camel Grinding Wheels, MATZ, Radiac Abrasives, Tyrolit, Pacific, Bates Abrasives, Cincinatti Milacron

  • Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide
  • Industry Standard Wheels Styles
  • Tool Room Wheels – Green & Black Silicon Carbide
  • Large Surface Grinding Wheels
  • Surface Grinding Segments
  • Cylindrical Wheels
  • Centerless & Feed Wheels
  • Rubber Polishing Wheels
  • Cork Wheels