We supply a wide range of vitrified and resin wheels used on surface, cylindrical, tool and cutter grinders. We help you maximize your productivity by offering the latest-generation resin, ceramic alumina, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide – for every ferrous and nonferrous mro, small job shop, and production operation. We also provide polishing and grinding solutions with rubber and cork material wheels.

  • Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide
  • Industry Standard Wheels Styles
  • Tool Room Wheels – Green & Black Silicon Carbide
  • Large Surface Grinding Wheels
  • Surface Grinding Segments
  • Cylindrical Wheels
  • Centerless & Feed Wheels
  • Rubber Polishing Wheels
  • Cork Wheels
Vitrified Resin Bond Wheels Manufacturers
Vitrified & Resin Bond Grinding Wheels