Balboa Supply partners with the industry leaders in super abrasives to offer a wide range of diamond and CBN products that include: wheels/blades, stationary and rotary truing and dressing tools; electroplated products, lapping compound, and core drills. Contact us for custom designs or needs as well.

  • Industry Standard Styles
  • Resin Bond
  • Metal Bond
  • CNC Wheels
  • Saw Grinding Wheels
  • Diamond Tools
  • Dressers & Truing Devices
  • Electroplated Products
  • Diamond Lapping Compounds
  • Diamond Core Drills
  • Diamond Blades, Saws, Equipment
  • Diamond Core Bits- Wet/Dry
  • Saw Blade Reducing Bushings
Diamond and CBN Wheels Manufactures: Norton Saint-Gobain, Radiac Abrasives, and Eagle Superabrasives
Diamonds Wheels, CBN Wheels, Superabrasives